Living Life One Good Decision at a Time

Every minute of the day contains choices. Making the right decision in one moment tends to make the next minute better. Life spirals up. I think of an upward spiral with steps – like an Escher painting that actually leads somewhere. When I make a choice that is less good I spiral down. Not in steps; more like a slippery circular slide that goes down-down-down. It can be little decisions that start the spiral one way or the other. “Should I put my work out clothes on now and exercise?” “Should I make myself a cup of herbal tea or coffee?” “Should I eat that cookie?” “Should I have seltzer or wine?” “Should I take a breath before speaking to my child, so that I don’t yell?” “Should I drop what I am doing so that I can be on time for my appointment?” “Should I watch TV or should I research my project?” “Should I cruise the internet or pick up the book I am currently reading?” “Should I cruise the internet or call my mother?” “Should I cruise the internet or snuggle up next to my husband?” “Should I cruise the internet or play a board game with my children?” “Should I cruise the internet or should I take my doggie for a walk?” “Should I cruise the internet or dance in the kitchen with the kids?”– I suppose I should unplug a bit, huh? It is these little things that lead to bigger things. These things; these decisions that happen moment to moment are the things in my control. These are the things that make me engage with my body, my mind, my soul. These are the choices that stop me from checking out from my life. That said, sometimes I need to check out from life, especially when said life has been especially frenetic. Sure, balance is good. Slip ups are not failures. However, when I am stuck, I need momentum. I need momentum going in the right direction. For me, that is up.  I want to live a long and healthy life. I want to live vibrantly with and love my husband. I want to experience my four wonderful children growing up to adulthood, and beyond. I hope I get to experience being a grandmother. I don’t want to waste my life, my talent, my creativity. Studies show that gratitude and the act of expressing it, increases a person’s happiness instantly. Perhaps by increasing my happiness I can increase my number of good decisions. Then life will spiral up. Hmmmm. Gratitude. I remember Oprah touted “The Gratitude Journal” and recall reading Facebook posts such as “Day 11: I am grateful for my dog.” I must admit that it all seems a little bit hokey, however, if it works….. I should try. I am going to cruise the internet now. Going to Google. Inputing “gratitude project” – please wish me luck. Oh, then I am going to hang out with my daughter in her room before making a home cooked dinner.

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